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Alison Davis is the director of Vision Education, a professional development and research company working in schools to improve literacy achievement and instruction within primary and intermediate schools.

There are four main areas to Alison’s work

Vision Education Team Contracts to New Zealand Ministry of Education

A number of facilitators working for Vision Education provide professional development to schools in the Auckland and Waikato area in literacy (reading and writing) and ESOL learning. These contracts are funded by the Ministry of Education to meet the New Zealand national educational priorities, in particular to focus on student literacy achievement with a particular attention to priority groups:

  • Maori students
  • Pasifika students
  • Students with special education needs
  • Students from low socio-economic backgrounds
This work involves in depth needs analysis using an inquiry model to inquire in to the learning strengths and needs of students, teachers, leaders, family and whanau and the collaborative development and implementation of a professional learning and development plan that is responsive to school and community needs and focuses on the unique and individual nature of each school.
For further information contact your Ministry Senior Adviser or contact Alison (contact us)


Individual school based professional development

Alison offers a range of options for teacher only days for primary, intermediate and junior high school teachers and leaders. Alison works with school leaders to identify staff PLD needs and tailors a combination of seminars, workshops, q & a , collaborative planning and review sessions based on school’s requirements.

Areas of expertise include all aspects of reading comprehension instruction, writing instruction, oral language, reading and writing across the curriculum, formative assessment, analysis and use of assessment data (literacy), boys achievement (literacy), supporting underachieving students (literacy), school review, resourcing and planning.

For further information contact Alison


 Cluster professional development for literacy leaders

Alison leads a number of cluster initiatives for literacy leaders. These are most commonly schools in regions who cluster together for professional development in literacy and assessment. The seminars and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of literacy leaders within schools and include PLD on pedagogy, practice, leadership and provide support and  mentoring for literacy leaders to provide professional development in their own schools.

Specific content for cluster programmes are negotiated based on the needs of the cluster. Workshops run over the course of one year and are usually based on a theme. Recent examples include conducting and responding to a school review of writing; developing teaching and learning programmes and approaches to meet the needs of underachieving students and working with national standards and literacy progressions.

For further information or to discuss further contact Alison


Professional development based on Alison’s resources

Alison runs workshops for schools and clusters on each of her teaching resources. For details or to request a workshop contact Alison


























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